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Services - Amecco

Accounting services

We specialize in the accounting services mainly for commercial companies and individuals engaged in  the economic activities covered by the obligation of guiding a full accounting.

We offer a full range of accounting services:

  • bookkeeping;
  • conducting HR and payroll;
  • calculation and filing of all necessary tax returns (CIT, VAT, PIT, IFT, PCC, AKC, social security declarations and others);
  • mandatory reporting to the NBP, GUS, and the Customs Office (Intrastat);
  • preparation of the financial statements;
  • checking the correctness of the documents workflow.


We also offer services related to the controlling in the company, ie. creating MPK (cost centers), appropriate classification of costs, creating reports for the client and cost optimization in the company.

We also conduct tax books of revenues and expenditures for the customers along with the associated services.



IT Services


Optimize your IT processes in the company is an extremely important part of improving the quality of the company’s operations and maximize efficiency by increasing sales, reducing downtime and costs.

Therefore, we offer professional advice on:

  • audit of existing infrastructure;
  • assistance in the selection and purchase the right hardware and software, tailored to the needs of the business;
  • implementation of the sales systems, inventory, finance;
  • daily management of the IT infrastructure.



Packages of the IT and accounting services


There is also an option of IT and accounting services as a packet for a monthly lump sum. As a part of the package, we offer a full range of accounting services and IT services tailored to the individual needs and requirements.

All prices are agreed individually and depend on the extent of work performed for the client specified in the contract. In order to determine the value of the service, please send your request by e-mail with a brief description of your business, the amount of VAT invoices, etc., or call our office.


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